Why is it important?
Customs duty rates have been established on Ireland-UK imports from 1st January 2021.  The manner in which trade was carried out between Ireland and the UK suffered major changes.  Businesses now need to follow new rules and Customs Import and Export declarations (revenue.ie) are required.

How does it affect you?
All Irish businesses trading with the UK are required to possess core compliance knowledge and take the necessary actions. Different industry sectors are being affected by customs-related issues in different ways. It has become increasingly important for importers and exporters to know how to move their goods through customs in Ireland and the UK post the transition period, and also meet the regulatory requirements laid out by Revenue in ROI and HMRC in the UK.

How can we help?

At Export Edge, we are delivering customs preparation training programs, through both class-based and online, interactive virtual learning courses. We aim to help Irish businesses to navigate these new changes and avail of customs reliefs, plus explain the regulatory approvals that should urgently be applied for.  Over the last three years, we have been assisting our clients to prepare for this new Brexit compliance regime.

Our key course focus is to:

  • Provide you with a broad overview of the changes in customs followed by an analysis of the complex issues, help you achieve a clear and concise understanding of your product commodity codes,
  • Support you in your gap analysis to guide you with your company’s post-Brexit survival,
  • Advise the procedures and the documentation required to undertake customs declarations, along with additional certifications that may be required,
  • Give you an in-depth understanding of the customs process and regulations to ensure that your declarations and returns to customs are accurate in order to avoid transit delays, customs fines and penalties,
  • Guide you on post-Brexit Customs aspects to fully engaged with Customs Agents, in advance of the fast-approaching end of the transition period,
  • Provide supporting material in the form of case studies, core questions, online resources, and group work in order to drive focus toward your company’s post-Brexit issues.  

Our aim is to help participants to understand the customs regulations and requirements required by Brexit. Our main objective is to support Irish businesses through these changes in the most effective manner.
With the end of the transition period looming, there is very little time available to have procedures and external approvals in place.

If your business is in need of our guidance, please click here to access our customs course options.  

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