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Customs Audit Readiness

Target Audience :

This course is for import/export managers and staff, logistics and supply chain professionals,
and business owners involved in import/export.

  • To make your organisation be prepared for the audit
  • Assist you in analysing the procedure followed for clearing the goods
  • Ascertaining if the documentation for each clearance is available with company or not. Drafting a customised procedure suitable for each company.
  • Ensuring that all the regulations have been followed
Course Benefit:
  •  Assess your recent import clearances and check key headings for accuracy.
  •  Control your clearance agent's submissions and reconcile them against Revenue outputs using a control system.
  • Check commodity code classifications against product descriptions and identify duty savings for origin and quota measures.
  • Ensure origin and preference proof is satisfied when claiming preferential origin.
  • Guide your customs operations procedures to ensure compliance and reduce audit risk.
A detailed review of your customs and trade issues will take place with a pre-course
questionnaire review followed by ongoing support for the week following the course.
Our expert instructors will guide you on how to assess your recent clearances, check key
headings, control your clearance agents, submissions, reconcile against revenue outputs, and identify duty savings for origin and quota measures.
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    Are you at risk of Customs Audit?
    How do you know your third party import declarations are submitted correctly?
    How do you check the Customs value, origin, classification and duties owed on imports?
    How do you control the document outputs received from clearance agents and reconcile against Customs reports?

    Course Outlines :

    • Your Import Clearances (AIS)
      We assess your recent clearances and guide you how to check key headings.

    • Clearance Control
      We will show you how to control your clearance agents submissions and reconcile against Revenue outputs, using a control system.

    • Tariff Classifications
      We will help you to check Commodity Code Classifications against Product Descriptions and identify duty savings for Origin and Quota measures.

    • Origin and Preference
      Ensure Origin and preferences proof is satisfied when claiming preferential origin

    • Customs Operations Procedures
      Guide you on your Operating Procedures to ensure Customs compliance and reduce audit risk.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is a must for those management and operational personnel who are looking after the customs compliance in their companies. Also, personnel involved in any aspect of customs in their company can join this course.

    Duration of this course is half day

    Depending on the availability of dates you can take courses you like.

    Bank transfer & Paypal payments are accepted


    Yes, upon successful completion,  you will receive an advanced certification.

    Yes, we accept the PayPal provided additional outlay 3.6% is recovered.

    1. You have to submit the booking form with participant and company PO details.

      We will send you the invoice which contains course details and account details for bank payment transfer.

      (payment should be transferred 3 weeks in advance of the course )

    There will be continuous participant assessment throughout the course.

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