Roisin O’Hagan

“Just want to say a big thanks to all in Export Edge including Austin and all the lecturers.  This course has really broadened my knowledge in the different aspects of global trade.  The course was very enjoyable, encouraging team spirit through practical based assignments.  Guest speakers gave presentations at various stages which provided great insight into the market realities of trade and credit management.  In addition to this the subjects were interesting, varied and very practical. Again, many thanks to everyone in Export Edge for all your help.”Roisin O’Hagan




Rebeca Terjedor

“I would like to thank Export Edge for their support this year.  I really enjoyed studying this course and I found the lectures very good.  What I liked the most is that the theory was very well balanced with real case studies, and that there was a great team spirit and we have all worked together in groups to achieve the best results in our assignments.  Every subject has been very helpful and provided me with a good knowledge of the different work areas related to international trade.  In my case, it has contributed to develop my career further within the Finance department in my company: Abbott Medical Optics.  I can say that I now feel more confident in my job and I have a better understanding of the specifics of finance when dealing with international trade.”Rebecca Tejedor


Ruth Spain

“I want to say a big thank you to Export Edge and to all the lecturers for all your help and support throughout the past year.  I was impressed by the advanced industry knowledge of Export Edge lecturers and gained a great understanding of Ireland’s international trade business.  It was a fantastic year and I really enjoyed all the subjects on the course.  Thanks again for everything and kind regards.”Ruth Spain





Veronica Mesuraca

“I started looking for a course that could give me more knowledge of international commerce so that I could gain a higher level profile while waiting for a good opportunity to work again in export business.  I was looking for a course that would have mainly focused on export itself delivering practical examples and essential lectures in a modern manner.  I found all Export Edge teachers were very nice and available to help at any time.  During the first semester I enjoyed working on the project because it gave me the opportunity to research about my area of interest and relate it to all the things we were studying in class.  I liked how every different subject from Law to Finance was connected to commerce and specifically to export.  I really learned a new world to me in the e-Business and IT classes!  – and Marketing was not only interesting but fun and full of everyday examples.  I also liked the assignments groups work method that made our study / work life a bit easier, and gave us the chance to get to know each other a bit better.  I was very happy the day I received my end of the course results.  Thanks to all the staff in Export Edge starting from Austin, and a warm thank you to my class mates from both first and second semester.”Veronica Mesuraca


Beryl Jacinth Thomas

“I believe that my decision to pursue Export Edge Business College’s Professional Diploma was one of the most personally rewarding decisions I have ever made.  The program provided tremendous value to me and was an excellent career platform.  A broad framework of lecturers with strong international business skills, opportunities of meeting different people and the subsequent cultural and industry exposure in Ireland.  The development of teamwork skills in my course provided me with a solid foundation in a constantly changing business environment.  The dedication and commitment of the Educational Director, Professors and administrative staff set Export Edge Business College way above other institutions.  Export Edge gave me a great foundation of experience and knowledge to be able to keep up with the changes and advances in global trade.  I obtained high level work experience through Export Edge with a Fortune 500 multinational and a major international bank.  My career goals could not have been possible without the education and support that I received through Export Edge.”Beryl Jacinth Thomas


Pawel Piec

“When I joined this course, I already had obtained a Bachelors Degree in Poland and had a background in this sector.  However, I certainly benefited from the experience of the course lecturers, who provided me with excellent reference points to progress my knowledge of industry developments within Ireland.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and close interaction with both lecturers and fellow students.  Overall it was great opportunity of sharing knowledge and practical experiences in fast changing environment of international trade.” Pawel Piec




Heink Peters

“I like to recommend this course for everyone who wants to specialise in the areas of finance, import and export, distribution or any similar areas.  Coming from Germany with a previous apprenticeship in international trade I have to say I learnt a lot more here in this course to be prepared for the practice part as we heard from experienced lecturers working in the industry and also from guest speakers from great companies like HP, ESB and others who gave us an interesting view of their work, helping us to work on our projects and assignments.  The various subject topics are helpful for every kind of work fields and also to build up your own business maybe one day.  It definitely helps to find the job you are looking for and enhances your chances against the competition on the market.  I found a fabulous position in the finance area and I feel more confident now to be able to take more responsibility and to go on with my career.  For this and all the continuous support, especially by Austin, I am so grateful and would like to say thank all the college lecturers and staff members for this close bond during the time.” Heinke Peters

Gustavo Gomez

“Austin, I would like to thank you for all your help during this time.  I really enjoyed doing the Professional Diploma in Global Trade and E-Business; the experienced lecturers from industry, gave us great insights into industry developments.  It was also very helpful the different successful entrepreneurs you brought from time to time to gave us real life experience too.  The course gave me the necessary skills to improve my career.  I got a job in an import / export company.” Gustavo Gomez




Antonio Jesús Rodriguez

“Austin, having a background in languages and businesses, I decided to pursue more specialized studies in the international trade area.  In a competitive, globalised and ever- changing society, the Professional Diploma provides you with a precise and practical formation in international trade and e-business.  This course has a high level of teaching and is in itself one large time management exercise in the sense that you have to combine both practical and theoretical classes with home assignments, and also have to work both independently or as part of a team.  So I can firmly say that this course prepares you for the current market place requirements.  Many thanks for your support to you and your fellow lecturers whom I have benefited from all your experience.”  Antonio Jesús Rodriguez


Monica Gonzalez Primo

“Travelling abroad is said to broaden one’s mind, through new experiences and learning from people of different cultures.  During the time I was living in Ireland I had also the opportunity to develop my skills whilst gaining academic qualifications, thanks to Export Edge Training and especially Austin and his team of excellent lecturers.  Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement offered during the course.  I can say it was not only a nice a experience but also really helpful in order to gain and develop my skills in the trading field, study cases and assignments that cover the practical day to day of this business.  Thanks again and keep doing this great work!”  Monica Gonzalez Primo

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