Export Edge Training has been at the leading edge in Business & Finance Education and Corporate Courses in Ireland over the last 15 years. This Professional Development Course in Business Law is designed to enable learners to operate effectively in the import / export sectors and to understand the key issues affecting this industry.

Learning outcomes

– To gain a basic understanding of the Irish legal system
– To gain an understanding of the impact of legislation on the business environment
– To understand principles of the law
– To be familiar with the legal language, procedures and relevant documents
– To appreciate the importance of respecting confidentiality in all business
communications and transactions.

Course Modules

Irish Legal System and the Business Environment

– The Courts, Court officers and Sources of Law
– Jurisdiction of the Courts
– Enforcement procedures for civil debt
– Jurisdiction of Courts and Enforcement of Judges (European Communities) Act 1988
– Essential Ingredients for the Formation of a Contract, Terms of a contract
– Discharge of a Contract
– Remedies for breach of contract.

FETAC & IICM Accreditation

Support is given on completion of assignments, to be submitted during term, plus end of term exam. FETAC Component Certificate can be combined with other modules leading to
Major and Higher Level Awards in the National Framework of Irish and EU Qualifications.
This Course is validated by FETAC and the Irish Institute of Credit Management.
Austin Rutledge Austin Rutledge Austin Rutledge
https://www.export-edge.com CEO / Educational Director.

Principles of law

– Sale of Goods Act 1893 and Supply of Services Act 1980
– Delivery and Payment of goods
– Buyer’s and Seller’s remedies.
– Consumer Credit Act 1995:
– Hirer/Finance company (trader)’s obligation and rights;
– Lessor/Lessee’s obligations and rights.
– Negotiable Instruments
– Credit and Security: Mortgages

Business Law Syllabus

Irish Legal System

 Sources of Irish Law
 Irish Court and Court Offices
 Irish Judicial System
 Enforcement of Judgement

Business Environment

 Different types of Business Organisations
 Main aspects of European Law on Small and Medium Enterprises
 Understanding the legal terms in the Business Environment
 Procedures for maintaining confidentiality in business communications and transactions

Contract Law

 Nature of Contract
 Essential features of a contract
 Terms of contract
 Discharge and Breach of Contract
 Introduction to the principles of law relevant to a range of business practices

Commercial Law

 Outline the main provisions of the Sale of Goods Act 1893 and Sale of Goods and Supply of Services, Act 1980
 Outline the terms implied into a contract under the legislation
 Explain the terms:
· Guarantee
· Warranty
· Proof of purchase
· Contract for sale
 Outline the essential requirements for a
· Hire purchase agreement
· Leasing agreement
Negotiable Instruments
 List the essential characteristics of a negotiable instrument
 Different types of negotiable instruments
· Cheques
· Bills of exchange
· Promissory notes
Consumer Credit
 Define the terms:
· Credit
· Hire purchase
· Leasing
· Mortgage
 Outline the main provisions of the Consumer Credit Act, 1995
 Outline the essential requirements for a hire purchase agreement

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