Recognised by:ILM & IICM
Duration:half day (1pm – 4.30pm)
Course dates:22 February 2023

Export Edge Training  see an urgent need for companies in Ireland to improve their Customs compliance and to be prepared for Customs Aspect Queries (resulting from clearance declarations), profile interviews, audits and investigations. In 2018, Customs officers completed 220,154 appraisals, of which 123,450 (56%) were deemed to require further intervention.  A Customs minor post Brexit survey in 2021, found 80% of declarations discrepant.

Export Edge Training are launching new customised Customs Audit Readiness Training, to help companies improve their Customs compliance and to be prepared for Customs audits.  Customs audits will soon become increasingly common for trading companies.

Revenue authorities have wide powers. Any trader can be selected for an audit at short notice. Customs can go back up to four years for Customs compliance and seven years for VAT.

Your customs risk does not end when goods are cleared. Even where a shipment has been “green routed”, Customs can follow up on discrepant declarations.  Any incorrect data or under-payments found as part of a customs audit by Revenue could lead to back duties, fines and penalties.  Importers / Exporters need to retain backup documents for up to four years after the date of international shipments.

We would welcome your participation in a brief individual pre-course review, to highlight recent Revenue control developments.  We will outline the the latest practical processes, available to help companies control and reconcile their declarations using Revenue outputs.

Austin Rutledge, Director Export Edge, has achieved core Trade and Customs experience with large and SME clients, for over three decades.  He has trained thousands of company personnel in Ireland to optimise the benefits in International Trade and Customs compliance.

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