Import Customs Clearance Procedures


Recognised by:IICM & ILM
Duration:1 day
Course date:27 November 2019

Target Audience

Whether you complete returns or rely on your forwarding agents to complete returns, the Principal Company is the party liable (except in certain defined circumstances).  To avoid the risk of infringements of the EU Customs Code, proper monitoring of returns has now become essential.  This course is a must for those operational and supervisory personnel needing to become familiar with Clearance returns requirements.


  • To provide the Importing or Logistics company with a clear understanding of the Customs Clearance Process.  Companies will be guided in devising practical procedures and assessment processes to avoid infringements of the Customs Regulations.
  • To be aware of Irish Revenue’s major concerns regarding data quality on Customs declarations.
  • To understand the new penalties introduced by the Finance Act 2011, where declarants who make incorrect returns may be liable to penalties.

Course Benefit Assurance

A detailed review of your customs and trade issues will take place with a pre-course questionnaire review followed by ongoing support for the week following the course.

Course Content

  • General Overview including Brexit Developments
  • Classification
  • INCOTERMS 2010 in relation to SAD Boxes
  • Customs Valuation – G563\DV1 form
  • Preferential Origin – EUR, GSP, ATR
  • VAT (value added tax)
  • Calculating & Payment of Import Duty & Taxes
  • Customs Procedures Codes
  • SAD, AEP  & Associated Documents – T1/T2/T2L
  • Union Customs Code
  • SAD Review – Box by Box
  • Review & Questions

Special Offer

A special discount is available (against the tuition fee) of 20% to a second attendee, when booked together four weeks in advance of the course.

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