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Customs Compliance Master Course

Customs Course Target Audience

Are you looking to expand your business’s reach into new international markets? Our course is designed for management and operational personnel who are planning to trade with new international markets or expanding their existing markets worldwide.  Our course is a must for anyone looking to expand their business’s reach and maximise their potential for success in international trade. With our expert guidance and practical training, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the challenges of trading with new international markets and take your business to the next level. 
Our expert trainers will guide you through the latest International Trade and Customs procedures, ensuring that you are fully equipped to navigate the complexities of global trade. We provide practical training that is designed to help you avoid difficulties with customs documentation and penalties, so you can focus on growing your business and achieving success in the global marketplace. Our course helps you navigate the complexities of Import/Export with ease.

  • Get up to date with the latest international trade and customs procedures.
  • Appreciate main post-Brexit impacts on import/export regulations.
  • Learn how to avoid difficulties with customs documentation and penalties.
  • Become aware of the significant changes and interpretation of Incoterms 2020

Customs Course Benefit Assurance

  • A detailed review of your customs and trade issues will take place with a pre-course questionnaire review followed by ongoing support for the week following the course.
  • Delegates who complete this training will obtain a course completion certificate after successfully completing ongoing assessments.
Special Offer: A special discount is available (against the tuition fee) of 20% to a second attendee when booked together four weeks in advance of the course.
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    Great Britain’s exit from the European Union in January 2021 has resulted in significant changes to customs procedures in Ireland.

    Post-Brexit most businesses are using 3rd party for customs clearance and procedures. The world of import/export regulations is complex, and this decision has certain advantages like cost and time-saving.

    It is associated with risks too like

    Lack of control: Accuracy can be a challenge without adequate customs controls over declarations and partner compliance.

    Hidden costs: There may be hidden costs which the business might not be aware of at the beginning of the agreement. This can cause unexpected expenses and affect credibility of the service provider and delay the movement of goods.

    Risk: Ultimately the business is responsible for ensuring compliance with customs regulations even when outsourced to third party. In case of any errors, the business is still held liable.

    How can you mitigate these risks?

    You are in right place for this.

    By achieving expert knowledge in customs areas, you can take right decisions to tackle customs compliance and procedures.

    Customs Compliance is a very specialised area. We can help you take control of the customs procedures and compliance, which can save you duties, penalties and other additional costs.

     Are you ready to take charge of this complex world of import/export.

    We will make it simplified and customised for your business.

    Differentiate your profile as decision marker so that you keep control of your clearances and take decisions with comprehensive knowledge.

    course Outline :

    Customs Compliance Procedures Course Outline | Import Duty, Export Documentation, Rules of Origin, and More :
    Calculating and Payment of Import Duty & Taxes :
    • Explanation of key import and export documentation
    • Declarations Box analysis
    • Value Build-up
    • Customs Declaration Codes
    • AIS / SADs, and Associated Documents
    • Declarations Case Study
    • Agents Direct / Indirect Representation
    • Checking declarations
    Customs Procedure Codes :
    • Explanation of Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) and what they do.
    • Availing of Special Customs PROCEDURES and Authorisations.
    Rules of Origin :
    • Compliance with rules of origin
    • Preferential Origin certification
    • Preferential Countries
    • EUR, GSP, ATR, REX
    INCOTERMS 2020 :
    • Risks and Responsibilities
    • Customs implications
    • Applying Incoterms rules
    Customs Tariffs :
    • Guide to Classification
    • Binding Tariff Information (BTI)
    • Classification Exercise
    • Highlighting the importance of identifying the correct codes for your business to ensure correct duty rates and reporting on Intrastat.
    • You will gain an understanding of what commodity codes are, the terminology and how to successfully identify the correct code
    Customs Audits :
    • Assessing Customs Aspect Queries
    • Authorised Economic Operator
    • Benefits of being an Authorised Economic Operator
    • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
    • CBAM came into effect on the 1st of October 2023.
    • Strict reporting obligations, which can result in fines if not adhered to.
    • CBAM covers 6 categories of products
    • Quarterly CBAM data reports to be submitted
    • Analysis of designated imports over 19 criteria of emissions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is a must for those management and operational personnel expanding their
    markets worldwide and for those planning to trade with new international markets.

    Duration of this course is 2 half days

    This open course is delivered through online virtual basis, using mic and screen participation.

    In-company courses can be customised and delivered to a class group.

    Depending on the availability of dates you can take courses you like.

    Bank transfer & Paypal payments are accepted


    Yes, after the course you will receive the certification. 

    Yes, we accept the PayPal provided additional outlay 3.6% is recovered.

    1. You have to submit the booking form with participant and company PO details.

      We will send you the invoice which contains course details and account details for bank payment transfer.

      (payment should be transferred 3 weeks in advance of the course )

    There will be continuous participant assessment throughout the course.

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