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Letters of Credit Operations

Target Audience

This course on Letters of Credit Operations is of key benefit to Finance, Credit Management, International Shipping, Customer Services, Order and Account Management Personnel. The course provides participants with practical knowledge of the International Chamber of Commerce / Banking Commission rules Governing Letters of Credit (LC), which they will then be able to apply in their business to simplify the process.


  • To equip participants with updated knowledge of essential banking payment processes, important for higher-risk markets.
  • To help course participants understand the issues causing discrepancies in presentations to banks for payment.
Course Benefit Assurance
  • Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to understand: The Trade Finance compliance requirements covering Documentary Letters of Credit Operations, Standby LCs, and Bank Guarantees.
  • The structure and format of a letter of credit (LC) and the relationships between LCs and the main documents, for example:
    Commercial & Transport Documents, Third Party Certificates and other documentary requirements.

A detailed review of your customs and trade issues will take place with a pre-course questionnaire review followed by ongoing support for the week following the course.

Delegates who complete this training will obtain a course completion certificate after successfully completing ongoing assessments.

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    course Outline

    International Commercial Issues

    • Information sources
    • INCOTERMS 2020

    Documentary Letters of Credit (LC)

    • Understanding the process
    • Key terms in Documentary Credits
    • Documentary Credit conditions

    Commercial Operations

    • Parties to the contract
    • L/C Terms and Conditions

    Documentary Credit Cycle

    • Planning and organising the process
    • Application, Issuance,
    • Generating compliant
    • Presentations & Settlement
    • Working with the buyer to define the LC opening conditions to the buyer & bank.
    • Ensuing effective
      communications internally and
      with third parties
    • Practical Exercises

    Negotiating LC Contracts

    • Key responsibilities
    • Role of Finance and Shipping
    • Case study

    Documents in LC contracts

    • Transport Documents
    • Commercial Documents
    • Bills of Exchange
    • Certifications

    UCP 600 & ISBP rules

    • Documentary Credit Conditions
    • Practical application of UCP
    • Confirmed LC’s
    • Standby Credits
    • Bank Guarantees
    • Alternative Types of LC’s

    Procedures to improve the process

    • Operating Procedures
    • L/C Process Control
    • Best use of SWIFT Banking formats
    • L/C Documents Checklists
    • Managing Deadlines and
    • Effective document generation
    • Standby LC (SBLC) process
    • Dealing with discrepancies
      Documentation Exercises

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    This course is a must for those management and operational personnel expanding their
    markets worldwide and for those planning to trade with new international markets.

    Duration of this course is 2 half days

    This open course is delivered through online virtual basis, using mic and screen participation.

    In-company courses can be customised and delivered to a class group.

    Depending on the availability of dates you can take courses you like.

    Bank transfer & Paypal payments are accepted


    Yes, after the course you will receive the certification. 

    Yes, we accept the PayPal provided additional outlay 3.6% is recovered.

    1. You have to submit the booking form with participant and company PO details.

      We will send you the invoice which contains course details and account details for bank payment transfer.

      (payment should be transferred 3 weeks in advance of the course )

    There will be continuous participant assessment throughout the course.

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