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Mastering Tariff Classification

Introduction:Navigating the complex world of tariff classification is crucial for import-export professionals, customs experts, and supply chain managers. Incorrect classifications can lead to customs delays, penalties, and increased costs. To empower you with the knowledge and skills needed for accurate tariff classification, our Tariff Classification Course offers....

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Cross-border expertise supports for SMEs

Export Edge Training are offering government supported Training and Consultancy services to companies in cross border trade This worthwhile service comes at a time when Cross Border Traders are grappling with new Customs Rules and processes, including major changes under the Windsor Framework and the UK Border....

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Mastering Trade and Customs Operations: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Trade and Customs Operations: A Comprehensive Guide Since the end of the Brexit transition period, Irish businesses have faced a range of customs problems that have added significant complexity and costs to the process of importing and exporting goods to and from the UK. These problems....

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International Trade and Customs compliance.

International Trade And Customs Compliance : Export Edge Compliance Training cover the following areas: Tariff Commodity codes classifications appropriate to product descriptions. Goods valuation calculations for accurate Customs declarations. Origin and preferences, ensuring proof is held when claiming preferential origin. Customs procedures codes recommendations to reduce import duty requirements.....

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