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DC-PRO Is a fully web-based solution to your documentary credit reference and training needs.

DC-PRO Mentor (training) can be installed on your corporate intranet for high performance local access, if required.

Our Outsourcing service is run by Austin Rutledge together with a team of qualified and experienced support staff. Our key objective is to provide a comprehensive letter of credit and export documentation services, in areas which banks do not provide.

DC-PRO is an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) initiative to provide the highest quality training and reference materials for documentary credit practitioners. ICC has formed a partnership with Coastline Solutions plc and Export Edge Ltd to achieve this.

Coastline Solutions plc. has been assigned the role of ‘product house’ to manage the production and delivery to market of the product suite. Export Edge developed the product with their partners, ICC Publishing S.A, Deutsche Bank AG and IMS MAXIMS plc, Dublin.

The reference section of DC-PRO delivers online support to the documentary credit professional with direct searchable access to:

  • Official ICC opinions (including those not yet published) to queries on documentary credits
    DOCDEX dispute resolution decisions rendered by ICC expert panels
  • Discussion forum allowing professionals to exchange information on common problems
  • Articles and books in the field
  • Important court cases on documentary credits
  • Fraud alerts as they become known
  • Fully searchable text of ICC rules, including UCP 600, URC 522, URDG 458 and ISP98
  • Fully searchable archive of Documentary Credits Insight back issues

This new electronic supplement came into force on April 1, 2002. With the current evolution from paper to electronic credits, it was determined that the market was looking to the ICC to provide guidance in this transition. In response, the ICC Banking Commission established a Working Group consisting of experts in the UCP, electronic trade, legal issues and related industries, such as transport, to prepare the appropriate rules as a “supplement” to the UCP. The result is the new Supplement to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits for Electronic Presentation or “eUCP”.

The eUCP is not a revision of the UCP. The UCP will continue to provide the industry with rules for paper letters of credit for many years. The eUCP is a supplement to the UCP that, when used in conjunction with the UCP, will provide the necessary rules for the presentation of the electronic equivalents of paper documents under letters of credit.

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DC-PRO helps you to:

1. Understand the differences between various documents including invoices, transport documents, insurance certificates and other documents
2. Understand the functions of the documentary credit 3. Be proficient in identifying discrepancies within documents
4. Have a good understanding of the rules of UCP 600 and be able to correctly apply them to document checking on a practical basis
5. Understand the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved

DC-PRO Benefits

1. Reduce the cost of documentary credit training
2. Provide for flexible delivery of training
3. Allow staff to refresh their understanding of key concepts
4. Provide the most detailed treatment of documentary credits available
5. Help to save time in resolving disputes
6. Keep staff up to date on developments in the field of documentary credits

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